A few years ago, we set out to develop the finest boxing glove to ever hit the market. Our first task was to understand who was responsible for making the best boxing gloves in the world. During this phase we started hearing rumors about highly skilled artisans trained over generations in Pakistan that had become experts in this field. Finding them would be a challenge as they were living off the grid. About six months ago through our contacts we located a group of these individuals. We hired them and began working on a glove that would outlast the years, age like a fine wine and be such high quality they could be used in pro fights. Today we announce the POP. Pop was our founder’s great grandfather who fought at the 20th street rec center in Denver, during the 1920s. This glove has a vintage look with 21st century technology. It reduces vibration, is highly durable because it’s wrapped in full grain Water Buffalo and will mold to your hand over time. This glove transcends the decades and will become a character in the story of your life.