Giving Back

Maroon Bell Outdoor donates 3% of all sales to non-profit organizations we believe in. We support young, locally-owned businesses, we manufacture as much as possible in the USA and do everything we can to use materials which leave the smallest mark on our earth.   



Help Refugees in Denver

  • Local nonprofit seeking to improve the quality of life for Denver-area refugees by providing cultural mentorship and community support.

  • PWM strives for a world where all people are valued, included and empowered.

  • Every family served by this organization has a unique story, passionate courage, a resilience to survive and a desire to re-build their lives in Colorado.

  • Maroon Bell Outdoor® supports PWM because we recognize this country was and always will be a melting pot of cultures and ideas. We want to live in a country that welcomes this dynamic and we will stand by our new neighbors.



Denver Police Brotherhood

  • The Denver Police Brotherhood Youth Boxing Program specializes in after school fitness program catering and mentoring to at risk youth ages 8-18.

  • DPB provides tutors and mentors to help students keep their grades up and excel in school.

  • Maroon Bell Outdoor® supports this effort because we believe in the American Dream and the idea that anyone who truly wants it can be whatever they envision themselves to be. Having said that we recognize some of these young people are beginning their journey 10 feet behind the starting line. We want to help bridge that gap and show a generation of young people that opportunity is not given but born within each of us no matter the circumstances.


Inspire a New Generation

  • Local non-profit whose mission is to connect underserved youth to the outdoors and empower them to take action to improve their schools, the community and the environment.

  • CI collaborates with schools and youth organizations to provide high quality, high impact environmental education and service-learning programs.

  • CI empowers youth to ignite change not just talk about it

  • Maroon Bell Outdoor® supports this effort because CI is building an opportunity bridge for youth living in lower socio-economic environments and the outdoors. We believe in our young people and CI is showing a generation how they can preserve and enhance the outdoors, their country and our world.