Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If I buy something that doesn’t fit how do I exchange it?

Answer: Enter the exchange here. If you have a more complicated return please email

Do the Buffalo Leather gloves stretch?

Answer: Yes, a lot. These gloves are made from natural grain Buffalo leather, which is one of the strongest, more durable hides available. The gloves should feel tight when you first get them because they will stretch a lot.

Do I need to treat the glove with anything? How do I take care of it?

Answer: You do not need to treat this glove with anything. The leather is full grain buffalo which means they did not remove any of the impurities when it was tanned making it even stronger, very difficult to tear and durable.

Do you all have a brick and mortar?

Answer: We do not. Our goal is to build the clothing brand out through the website.

Where are the gloves made?

Answer: These gloves were designed in the USA but manufactured in Pakistan.

Does Maroon Bell Outdoor work with any US companies?

Answer: Yes. One of our stated goals when we launched the company over three years ago was to work with as many Denver/US based companies as possible. 95% of the vendors we are working with right now are US based and a lot of them are in Denver. We are even working with a new Denver based manufacturer on designing a bag that will be out this Spring.

What is the difference between an original design and a branded design?

Answer: An original Maroon Bell Outdoor design is a garment that does not exist anywhere else in the world. The actual design of the garment is proprietary to us. Our original designs right now are the Flannel, Vintage Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Buffalo Leather Gloves and Rugby Shirt. A branded design is where we went to a print shop (in Denver), then had them print our logo on a shirt or sweatshirt that was already in place. You see this with a lot of companies and it is a useful strategy for getting your brand noticed without a lot of risk.