Maroon Bell Vision

Maroon Bell Outdoor was launched in 2016. Our founder grew up outside of Denver and is a fourth generation Coloradan. The vision for Maroon Bell Outdoor is to create a distinct brand of apparel, classic enough for the city but tough enough for the outdoors. We don’t use investors, give 3% back to non-profits and build awareness by popping up at festivals, markets and events. By growing the brand at a grassroots level, we maintain creative control, help the community around us, regulate the pace of scale and meet the consumers purchasing our designs.

In addition to bringing unique, usable designs to the market, we sought to endorse the notion that you don’t have to be on top of a mountain to find the outdoors. You just have to go outside. The rivers, lakes, trees, grass, hedges and clouds are everywhere if you look for them. They simply exist as they are and don’t have judgment, stress or bias. The outdoors interacts in the same way whether you’re in the middle of a city, the desert, the ocean or the mountains. It is always accessible. 

Finally, we believe in working with as many US based companies as possible. We start our process by looking for vendors in Denver because it is our home. Then we look to other states and finally other countries. While partnering with US organizations is a primary focus, we are not opposed to working with companies in other countries. Economically, the United States globalized decades ago; by working with very specific international vendors we give ourselves the ability to scale, adapt and accomplish our goals. Today, if we sell one pair of gloves, manufactured in Pakistan, eight US companies and up to four US charities make money. The family owned manufacturer we work with in Pakistan told us we are the easiest and most enjoyable company they have ever worked with. That perception of an American company is good for the world.

While the outdoors exudes important benefits, a lot of us live in the city and love that life as well. Our logo represents this dynamic as it shows the Maroon Bells looking at themselves in the mirror, or rather the lake at its base. Instead of seeing a reflection of itself, the Bells see a reflection of the Denver skyline. The aim with this design is to show how the city and the outdoors are part of who we are. We feel that for too long, large corporations have painted an elite image of what it means to be in the outdoors. That depiction discouraged and excluded a lot of people; our goal is to paint a new, inclusive image encouraging everyone to go outside. 

At the end of the day, we wanted Maroon Bell Outdoor to bring value, in every way possible. Whether that value was brought to the consumer through a purchase, a local company through a contract, or a charity through a donation. The purpose was and is to create an environment where folks truly feel that they are better off because they crossed paths with Maroon Bell Outdoor.

As you continue your own adventure keep in mind that everyone’s mountain looks different, the outdoors is everywhere, and it is for everyone. Thanks for taking the time to hear about our vision. We thrive on connection and would love to hear from you. Our founder Jeremy Dougherty is always available to answer questions, hear your ideas or listen to your thoughts. He can be contacted anytime at