Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White

Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White

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ASTRAPí Black & White Water Buffalo Skelton Motorcycle Glove 

"Astrapi" is a Greek word. In Greek, "αστραπή" (astrapi) means "lightning." It is used to describe the visible electrical discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm.

The Black Skeleton Astrapi, a blend of HANDCRAFTED ARTISTRY and ROBUST DURABILITY. Made from full grain Water Buffalo hide, this glove holds the promise of exceptional strength. The glove shapes to your hand, offering a CUSTOM-FIT COMFORT. It boasts a gold lightning bolt, meticulously hand-stitched with 40 pieces of buffalo leather, embodying the strength of astrapi (lightning in Greek). The index finger comes with a tech fabric for SMARTPHONE COMPAT

  • DURABLE-LASTING-STRONG= PREMIUM HAND PROTECTION: Made from full grain Water Buffalo, we do not stretch the hides or sand out impurities. This leaves the chaotically woven fiber structure of the leather intact, allowing it to maintain its outstanding strength.
  • COMFORT-DEXTERITY-USABILITY: Because we do not stretch these hides before we stitch them, the leather only stretches where it needs to, on your hand. What this means is that we have found a way to develop a glove that will become uniquely customizable to whomever is wearing it.
  • HAND CRAFTED-SHARP-VERSATILE-UNIQUE: 40 hand stitched pieces of buffalo leather were hand stitched on top of the Water Buffalo base to create this one-of-a-kind leather glove.
  • TECH FINGER-USABILITY-OPERATIONAL EFECTIVENSS: We added a piece of tech fabric to each index finger, so you don’t have to remove your gloves when answering calls, changing the radio station or flipping through apps on your phone.
  • WATER FRIENDLY: These gloves only get better when they are wet. They will mold to your hands faster and become an extension of your hands over time.
  • HIGH DEGREES OF TEAR, PUNCTURE AND ABRASION RESISTANCE: The tightly woven fiber structure found in Water Buffalo Hide combined with the natural oils acting like a glue create an a next level barrier protecting your hands from asphalt, rocks, sticks, nails, glass, hail, rain, snow, bugs, cement or any number of projectiles threatening one of your most important assets; your hands. 


  • Full Grain Water Buffalo Hide
  • Light weight .4 lbs
  • Breathable
  • Hand stitched
  • Molds to your hands
  • Water Friendly
  • Tech finger
    • Free Shipping Inside the USA.
    • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Jason Modica
    Super Reliable and Honest Company

    I first ordered the Medium sized gloves because I am normally a size Medium and sometimes Large. The small were way too small and Maroon mentioned their sizing are smaller as the gloves stretch so I exchanged the small for an x-large thinking those would fit due to their smaller sizing yet they were way too big so I exchanged those for a large and walla they fit. Maroon didn't hesitate once with helping me get the size that fits. Thank you! 🙏🏻

    Raymond Banasiak
    good gloves

    good gloves but disappointed when I sent a request to do black leather with red bones and received no response. Then weeks later they came out with black leather with red bones. not even a thank you.

    B Hoody
    Gloves look awesome,but not for safety.

    I first received the gloves in XXL which is my size in most brands of 'motorcycle specific' gloves. They were gigantic so I sent them back for XL and they fit now but a little snug. First thing I noticed is that there is no strap on the gloves. Most motorcycle gloves have a strap at the wrist, with either a button or velcro to keep them securly on your hands if you were to fall. I don't think the elastic band is sufficient for real riding. I like the gloves for the look and I will wear them on a chill fun destination style ride. These would maybe protect your hands from a slight fall, but, not for serious riding. Add a strap to the wrist and I would buy these again!

    Chris Dews
    Black and white skeleton gloves

    The gloves are nice need a little break in time but that’s to be expected high quality goods!!

    Steve brown

    Great fitting gloves!

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