5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black

5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Black


Our signature small-batch designs are meticulously hand-crafted from globally sourced raw materials. We are hyper-competitive and intent on being elite.

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5280 Water Buffalo Mittens - Pitch Black  

 After 16 months in design, we bring you a six layer, ultra-warm, shockingly tough, nearly waterproof, water buffalo leather mitten. With 180D PCV coated polyester layer on top of Hipora and .8MM thick Full grain, reinforced, waterproof treated Water Buffalo, this glove was designed as the last glove you will ever buy. We tested this glove in wet, dry, cold (-14F), windy and foggy conditions. It was perfect and became softer, shinier, and better looking over time.

 WARMTH (Unusually Warm)

  • When your fingers are next to each other they share heat, reduce exposure to cold and keep the area around your hand warmer than a glove.
  • Heat can be trapped in air pockets which is why we used six separate layers all with their own incredible qualities. Between Hipora ®, 5mm foam, 180D PVC coated polyester, and 100 Gram Thinsulate ®, we were effectively able to trap pockets of warm air created by your own fingers.
  • We also made these gloves as waterproof as possible which also keeps your hand from losing heat.


  • One of the quickest ways to lose heat is through wet hands which is why we spent a lot of time and money on making these as waterproof as possible. The Full Grain Water Buffalo Hide has tightly packed, chaotically woven fibers which was step one. Then we treated the leather with an eco-friendly process creating an additional barrier.
  • Inside the glove we added a Hipora layer as well as a 180D PCV Coated Polyesters layer for a third layer of protection.
  • We would not go scuba diving in these, but we are confident your hands will stay dry in almost all other conditions.


  • The strength of Water Buffalo is undeniable. In the wild, these animals have no natural predators except for a pride of 12 lions and even then, it is a challenging task.
  • For this glove we used high end UK based Coates Thread Inc. ® nylon thread and layered .8MM thick Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather to the high impact areas on the thumb and palm.
  • Water Buffalo is 3X stronger than cow hide, more durable and has a higher tear resistance.
  • Due to the compact, almost frenzied weave of the fibers in this hide, we find ourselves with a shockingly strong material. We do not stretch these hides or sand out impurities. That means the glove will stretch and mold to you hand over time, becoming custom to you.


  • The attributes necessary for strength, warmth and style have been packed into this leather mitten. We did this because we wanted folks to have a glove that just worked. If you go skiing it works. If you go sledding it works, if you go ice fishing it works. If you are walking the dog, or going for a walk, or back country skiing or bob sledding or cross country skiing or building a snowman or feeding the cows or riding on the open range. This glove just works.


  • Our company exists to bring you cutting edge designs with legacy materials that will become part of your story. Part of your journey. We spend years sourcing, diagraming, creating, and testing materials, designs and prototypes so that we can accomplish this goal.
  • These water buffalo leather mittens will get shiny and softer as the years go on. Our goal is that someday you can pass these down to your kids.






  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leave the hand warmers....

I've been wearing these gloves for everything outside over the past couple of months. They are incredible. I get cold hands, and usually have to use hand warmers, but not with these quality leather mitts. They are much warmer than a pair of Hestra Mittens I own. They've been great for downhill skiing as well as backcountry skiing, and walking the dog. My hand is a 9", and I got the size XL, which fits a little snug now, but I'm sure will expand over the years. The build quality and craftsmanship is great, not a cut on them after regularly handling sharp ski edges. Of course they are 100% waterproof. Can't speak more highly of these mittens!

Kevin N
Very toasty!

Outstanding quality and craftsmanship and very warm. Best part is as you use them they get softer and form to your hands. They seem so minimalist (not bulky) but my fingers have plenty of room and are as warm as heated gloves.

Chad Brinsfield
I like them - great quality

The quality of the materials is better than what I've experienced with many high end brands like Arcteryx or OutdoorResearch. They seem to fit tight, but also seem to be stretching as I wear them more. Overall very nice!

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