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Leather Conditioner
Leather Conditioner
Leather Conditioner
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Leather Conditioner


Our signature small-batch designs are meticulously hand-crafted from globally sourced raw materials. We are hyper-competitive and intent on being elite.

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Athenic adj. [uh-theh-nik]

Athena was a Greek goddess known for her wisdom, intelligent defense, and strategic warfare tactics. Inspired by her, Athenic is a brilliant combination of molecular compounds designed to replace lost oils, fortify gaps in the fiber structure, and smooth fissures. This conditioner introduces a hydrophobic enhanced membrane that defends leather from water, mold, dirt, and grime. Our gloves are elite on their own, but with Athenic, they become legendary.


What is leather balm? In short, it revitalizes, nourishes, and protects leather. It is like Popeye's spinach for your leather goods.


Why did we come out with a leather balm? We have the strongest, most unique gloves in the world today. After years of searching for the right solution to protect the naturally occurring fibers from decaying, we bring you Athenic.


What is our Athenic leather balm made of and who makes it? Made in the USA by a family we met in Washington State, this proprietary solution, Athenic, is carefully composed of naturally occurring elements organically suited to halt the aging of leather, including our unique Water Buffalo hides. We conceptualized how the chaotically woven fibers in your glove would decay and then stopped it. Fibers naturally lose oils, dry out, crack, and disintegrate.


What is the science behind the leather balm?

  1. Hydrophobic Beeswax: Creates a next-level barrier from external forces, including water.
  2. Lipophilic Seed Oils: Penetrate each fiber at a molecular level, locking in nourishment, preventing cracking, and maintaining elasticity.
  3. Phospholipids: Integrate and fortify the microfibers. Phospholipids are a vital component of cellular membranes, making them exceptional at mimicking biological structures. Few substances can integrate into and fortify fiber structures so effectively.

In short, this all-natural leather conditioner fills micro gaps, nourishes fibers to reduce cracking, and creates a water, dirt, and grime-resistant barrier, extending the life of these one-of-a-kind gloves.



1.        Wipe dirt off the glove

2.        Use a cloth and rub in the leather balm

3.        Apply once a week depending on how much you use it

4.        The hard part was the science of creating it, putting it on is easy!

  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

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Nick Simmons

Goes on and absorbed very well.

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