THE POP - Hook and Loop Buffalo Leather Boxing Glove - White
THE POP - Hook and Loop Buffalo Leather Boxing Glove - White
THE POP - Hook and Loop Buffalo Leather Boxing Glove - White

THE POP - Hook and Loop Buffalo Leather Boxing Glove - White


Our signature small-batch designs are meticulously hand-crafted from globally sourced raw materials. We are hyper-competitive and intent on being elite.

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PRESENTING THE POP: Bell Sync - Wrist Armor Technology - Hook and Loop Blanc White Boxing Gloves Maroon Bell Outdoor

A few years ago, we embarked on a mission to produce the world's ultimate professional boxing gloves. This voyage brought us to Pakistan, the cradle of world-class glove crafting, where artisan masters excel in producing superior boxing gloves. Living in remote regions, these artisans have refined their craft over the ages, attaining an unrivaled expertise in the art of glove making.

After an exhaustive search, we finally found these talented individuals. United in our vision, we committed to crafting a glove that would not only withstand the test of time but would also showcase such unparalleled quality that even professional boxers would be honored to wear them in the ring.

Today, we proudly introduce you to the fruition of our mission - the Blanc Punch. Named in tribute to our founder's revered great grandfather, a formidable pugilist at Denver's 20th street rec center during the Roaring Twenties, the Blanc Punch is more than a boxing glove. It represents a rich boxing tradition, combining a classic aesthetic with the prowess of contemporary technology.

Our high-end leather boxing gloves are not only designed to protect but to seamlessly adapt to your hand over time, becoming an essential aspect of your boxing journey. The Blanc Punch is a glove that defies time, a symbol of your commitment, tenacity, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the boxing ring.


Engineered for durability, comfort, and ultimate protection, the Blanc Punch is a more nimble, faster, and power-packed addition to your training equipment. These gloves, suitable for both men and women, epitomize resilience and power, conforming to your hand over time and becoming an invaluable component of your boxing experience.


But don't just take our word for it. Witness firsthand how professional boxers relish the unrivaled quality and might of the Blanc Punch (see the attached video). Note: The gloves featured in the video, set for imminent release, have authentic ties.


Fit & Comfort: With an ideal fit and ultimate protection in mind, the Blanc Punch ensures superior wrist and knuckle support.

Size and Weight: Meticulously hand-stitched by fourth-generation artisans, the Blanc Punch feels lighter yet offers unmatched hand protection, solidifying its place among the top gloves for training and bouts.

Material and Durability: Constructed with robust Full Grain Water Buffalo hide and double-stitched using 3 ply Nylon threads, the Blanc Punch stands as a beacon of longevity.

Padding: Our groundbreaking three-layer padding reduces impact, distributing it evenly across the glove, maximizing protection during both training and professional matches.

Protection & Closure System: Our uniquely breathable, cooling infused triple layer liner is paired with a thick, premium extended wrist Velcro for a secure fit, guaranteeing that your wrists remain safeguarded while enabling effortless removal when necessary.


    • Full Grain Water Buffalo – Will age beautifully and virtually indestructible.
    • 16MM thick High density EVA foam
    • 12MM thick underlay foam
    • Thin layer of air foam
    • Technologically infused Tarinda Polyester, air foam and moisture wicking delux Maroon Bell Liner.
    • 3 poly nylon thread, double stitched by hand.
    • PREMIUM, proprietary hook and loop tightening strap
    • Protects your wrist at the highest level.
    • Easy to remove and put on over and over again.

The Bell Sync isn't merely a glove; it's a narrative of perfection, a homage to the boxing lineage, a partner in your journey. These high-end leather boxing gloves are designed to accompany you through every jab, cross, and hook, conforming to your hand and becoming a testament to your boxing journey.

  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

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