The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy
The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy
The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy
The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy
The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy
The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy

The Leather Glove - Broadway Burgundy

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Introducing Maroon Bell Glove Co.'s first-ever Burgundy Leather Glove – a unique, stylish, and durable addition to the glove industry. Crafted to last for years, these gloves are designed to grow with you, soak up memories, and provide a level of confidence that cheaper gloves simply cannot offer.


  • Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather in burgundy • Unisex design, suitable for both women and men • Smart Finger technology


  • Protection: Guards against heat, sharp objects, and weather • Longevity: 3x stronger than cowhide for lasting durability • Versatility: Lightweight, warm in winter, cool in summer, and easy to spot due to the unique color

How to Break In Your Gloves:

NOTE: You want these gloves to fit tight at first. Over a month, they will loosen and mold to your hands. You can use leather balm (coming soon), oils, or simply get them soaking wet, dry them, and break them in a few times.

Use Cases:

  1. DIY Gloves: Protect your hands during everyday projects with these tightly woven gloves, offering protection from spiders, knives, sharp gutters, nails, and more.
  2. Mowing Gloves: Ideal for mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, and pulling up thistle bushes, these breathable and strong gloves ensure comfort and protection.
  3. Irrigation Gloves: Perfect for working on your sprinkler system, these gloves perform exceptionally well in water, becoming an extension of your hand and significantly improving grip.
  4. Equestrian Gloves: With their beautiful design, high abrasion and tear resistance, and ability to become shiny and soft over the years, these gloves are perfect for equestrian activities.

Upgrade your glove game with our first-ever Burgundy Leather Glove and experience the difference in style, quality, and durability. Let these gloves become part of your story, as you rely on to protect one or your most important assets; your hands. 


  • Free Shipping Inside the USA.
  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Awesome glove! Fantastic quality and amazing company! Will be purchasing more!

...fits like a gLO🤎E!

My relationship with Maroon Bell Outdoor began when happenstance caused me to see the product, access the website, set-up my cart and park it while i looked into its funding, and then i received a personal note, signed by Mr. Jeremy Dougherty, Founder, asking: "CAN YOU HELP US?".

After responding affirmatively, making and receiving my purchase, where the thumb of each glove was a bit long, Mr. Dougherty personally worked with me to get me [upgraded] replacements and facilitate returns, all at his cost. More than my being grateful for the product quality&craftspersonship together with the situation's outcome, beginning to end, i appreciate Mr. Dougherty's time, tolerance, attention, patience and values, each&all of which equate to: PR!CELESSNESS...

Thanks so much. It was really great working with you. I started this company to bring regard back to consumers with service and products. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you in the future.

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