Skeleton leather motorcycle gloves

Lion Guard Motorcycle Co. by Maroon Bell

Lion Guard Motorcycle Co.


 Introducing the Lion Guard Motorcycle Gloves collection by Maroon Bell Outdoor. For nearly a decade, we've been dedicated to designing, sourcing, and testing the most robust, durable, elastic, tactile, and comfortable natural grain leathers to create the finest gloves on the market. We named this collection Lion Guard because each glove features 100% Water Buffalo leather or Water Buffalo reinforced material. Fun fact: It takes a pride of over 12 full-grown lions to bring down a single healthy Water Buffalo. They have virtually no natural predators, except for a group of determined lions. We believe your hands deserve that level of protection.

The Lion Guard line promises to deliver exceptional protection and comfort for your journey, no matter where it takes you. Five years ago, we launched the Full Grain Water Buffalo ranching glove, continually refining, and enhancing its features since then. We recently recognized that the qualities required for bull riders, ranchers, and farmers closely align with the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts, prompting us to rebrand the glove.

 Alongside our signature Lion Guard glove, we're introducing farm-raised deer hide gloves with Water Buffalo palms, providing even more options for riders. We firmly believe that motorcycle gloves don't need to be covered in plastic and Kevlar to offer protection and a perfect fit. Our mission remains to bring the best-in-class products to the market, restore value to consumers, and design products that become a character in the story of your life.