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The Maroon Bell Glove Co. Collection

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The Maroon Bell Outdoor Glove Co. Collection.

After six years of research and development we are bringing you a new collection of innovative, soft, durable, shockingly strong, beautiful, full grain, Water Buffalo gloves. This groundbreaking leather glove collection offers three new styles and a brand new color, Broadway Burgundy.

Don’t be swayed by the lower price tag as we can assure you these gloves are every bit as good as anything else we would put our name on. We design products to become a character in the story of your life. These hand stitched gloves were meant to become part of the story you are writing.

One day we hope you pick these up and remember the camping trip you went on or the yard you renovated or the tire you replaced on a rainy stretch of interstate just outside of Steamboat. We are not a fast fashion company.  We develop products that last, are versatile and become part of your life.