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My name is Jeremy Dougherty, a native of Denver, Colorado, born to a lineage deeply entrenched in the harsh, snowy winters of the American West. A tale of bitter cold, my childhood was punctuated by countless pairs of gloves. Yet, my father had only one pair, affectionately referred to as 'Dads Gloves or the Boxing Mitts.' Puffy, radiating with the gleam of well-worn patina leather, and cushioned with a cozy down liner, these gloves were a beacon of warmth and dryness.

 What set these gloves apart was their longevity. Lifelong companions of my father, they were imbued with a unique charisma. Their allure sparked my ambition to design the most efficient, warmest, and driest leather gloves ever crafted, drawing inspiration from these indefatigable mittens. The only clue of their origin was their purchase in the 1970s, in Canada, from a company lost to time.

 Our modern-day mittens boast a design featuring full-grain water buffalo leather, treated for water resistance. The journey to their final form was rigorous, involving meticulous research and a parade of prototypes. Our trials in a variety of harsh conditions - biting -14 degree weather, damp spring snow, and just a typical 16-degree day - attested to their resilience.

 Hand-stitched, crafted from our signature full-grain Water Buffalo leather, these mittens embrace a unique Maroon Bell layering technique. This innovation ensures your hands stay warm and dry, regardless of the task at hand: be it on a farm, in the damp climate of the Pacific Northwest, or engaging in winter sports such as snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, or ice fishing. We offer you not just gloves, but an extension of yourself, transforming your hands into formidable Polar Bear Hands.

 Our dedication to quality is unwavering. Every design decision reflects our commitment to years of research, substantial investment in procuring the finest materials, and a philosophy deeply intertwined with the notion that our products become an integral part of your life story. Prepare to make an investment in our gloves that will outlive all others; they will become your enduring winter companions. As the years pass, they will be recognized by your children and friends as your signature winter mittens.