Helping Out The Local Community

Our solution right now is to use our small but mighty voice to promote local bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and any other small business. A lot of these places are still open for take out or delivery. We are going to use our social media voice to help you, help us, promote your favorite places. 

How we are going about this?

First, find us on Instagram and/or Facebook @MaroonBellOutdoor

Then do the following things: 

  1. Follow Maroon Bell Outdoor (this helps our engagement and so the posts get shown to more people)
  2. Tag two of your friends (this helps tell other people about what we are doing) 
  3. Most important: Tag your favorite restaurant and ideally put their contact information on the post. If it is Facebook put a picture of the business. 

Once you do these things we will send you a code that you can use on our website for 35% off most of the store. We are also a small business and still in operation. 

Stay safe, support each other, listen to each other, write, read, have virtual happy hours and most importantly, be optimistic. We are a strong people, some of the strongest. 

Feel free to send any questions, ideas or thoughts directly to our founder at JeremyDougherty@MaroonBell.Com

Maroon Bell Outdoor is a clothing line based in Denver, Colorado. We built this company at a grass roots level without using investors. Our goal was to design a company that provided high quality goods to folks with the highest level of service. Our goal was to work with as many Denver and US based companies as possible then outsource what was necessary. Two philosophies underscore everything we do. First, “We are all ships in the same sea” and second “Everyone’s mountain looks different”. Maroon Bell Outdoor cannot succeed without our community, without our consumers without our partners, families and neighbors. 

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