In the News: Buffalo Leather Gloves and Campfire Flannels

Few things inspire us more at Maroon Bell Outdoor than when we hear people love our fashion-conscious apparel and see that our products make a positive difference. In 2021, our buffalo leather gloves and campfire flannels not only were customer favorites, but were also featured in several publications. See what they had to say! 

Arizona Wanderings

Fishing, hunting, and roaming the Southwest — sounds great, right? We think so too! Arizona Wanderings is a blog from Ben Smith, an avid outdoorsman, who wrote an independent review (i.e. not sponsored or compensated) of our buffalo leather ranching gloves published last summer.

Ben was tired of running through cheap leather gloves that couldn’t stand up to the rigors of hunting, camp chores, and yard work. His thorough review covers first impressions, field use, and a pros/cons summary. The final takeaway: two thumbs up!  

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Covering “the best stuff on the internet,” GearMoose writes features and guides about everything from style and gear to tech and rides. Like us, GearMoose understands how important driving gloves are. They elevate the driving experience by reducing hand fatigue and enhancing grip. Plus, they look cool too.

Our black buffalo leather driving gloves were included in their best of 2021, receiving top marks for their ruggedness and fashionable design. Buffalo hide is three times thicker than cowhide, which makes them tear-resistant — perfect for car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Denver Life Magazine

From our own hometown, Denver Life Magazine is Colorado's leading lifestyle magazine that celebrates the culture, adventure, and style of the Mile High City and beyond. The publication compiled locally-sourced gift ideas into a 2021 holiday gift guide to make it easier to give something special to everyone on your list. 

Maroon Bell Outdoor’s campfire flannel shirt and buffalo leather driving gloves were recommended as “gifts for him.” They also make great gift ideas for other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or simply just because.

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How We Elevate Outdoor Apparel

Maroon Bell Outdoor is proud to have our fashion-conscious outdoor apparel featured with acclaim for its uniquely usable designs. However, we’re never one to rest on our laurels. Our story started at a grassroots level, which is why we have an unwavering commitment to creating a distinct clothing brand that gives back to non-profits and works with as many US-based companies as possible. Browse our original designs today! 

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