First Look: Maroon Bell Outdoor Weekender

Maroon Bell Outdoor Weekender Backpack: First Look:

Our friends over at Rainy Day Magazine recently had a chance to try out our popular Weekender backpack and the feedback has been great.

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It has been a long time since our Gear & Gadgets folks agreed to review a backpack. It is not that there aren’t good, even great backpacks out there (there are), but after having looked at so many of them over the years we said we weren’t going to review another unless we found a really compelling reason to do so.

With Maroon Bell’s Weekender backpack, there were several.

Weekender Backpack weekender backpack maroon bell outdoor

weekender backpack

weekender backpack camera equipment

This article discusses the classic versatility of the Weekender Backpack. 

Written and posted June 6th, 2021 by Wan Chi Lau in Gear & Gadgets

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