Hiking with Your Weekender Backpack

The Weekender Backpack was designed to be functional, durable, and stylish for every journey, whether it’s every day in the city or new adventures in unfamiliar terrain. Taking your essentials with you shouldn’t be a hassle, and one activity you can definitely depend on The Weekender Backpack for is hiking. So if you’re ready to pack up your things and plan a hiking trip, here’s how you can with this unique backpack! 

Designed with You in Mind

Practical for traversing national parks, neighborhoods, campuses, or airports, the Weekender Backpack can be relied on for any type of expedition. Since it comes in five fashionable colors — blue, green, yellow, red, and black — you can also expect to travel in style. Here are some other key features of this weekend travel backpack:

  • Lightweight yet spacious
  • Water-resistant, windproof, and UV-resistant
  • Nylon web strap with metal buckles
  • Easily accessible front pocket unique in its depth, protection, and appearance
  • Invisible side magnetic pockets for your phone or water bottle
  • Small, secret zip pocket inside to prevent loss of wallets, keys, or valuables
  • Extra padding inside for your laptop sleeve
  • Highly tear resistance
  • Laser engraved Maroon Bell Outdoor logo

This backpack balances functionality and style, making it the perfect bag for all your adventures. Are you itching to hit the trails? Let’s take a look at how the Weekender Backpack has got your back! 

A Hiking Backpack You Can Count On

The backpack’s versatility makes it the perfect addition to your hiking journey. Since it has compartments for your valuables and padding for your electronics, your gear will be safe inside. Plus, its resistance to water, wind, and UV exposure ensures that your hiking equipment won’t be ruined by any kind of weather.

Since this backpack was designed to hold enough for a weekend (hence its name) you can count on The Weekender to fit all your hiking necessities without being bulky or difficult to walk around while wearing. Its usability, safety, and storage are ideal for any journey in any terrain.

What to Pack in Your Backpack

Maroon Bell blue, red and black weekender backpacksAre you eager to start hiking with your own colorful, comfortable backpack? Before your journey, make sure you order The Weekender Backpack and everything else you may need for the journey ahead. Here are some essentials to not forget on your next hiking excursion:

  1. Weather-appropriate outdoor clothing
  2. Hat, socks, hiking boots
  3. Sunscreen and bug repellent
  4. Food and snacks that will keep your energy up, such as trail mix and jerky
  5. Insulated water canteen
  6. Navigation tools (e.g. map and compass)
  7. First-aid kit and other emergency gear
  8. Knife or multi-tool

This list isn’t exhaustive, so be sure to think of the area you’ll be exploring, your personal needs, and how long you’ll be away. Packing your backpack is all about preparing for every situation, so always check the weather forecast ahead of time. 

Explore the Outdoors with The Weekender

When you choose The Weekender Backpack for your hiking trips, you can feel comfortable knowing that it’s been made with quality materials and constructed with every feature you could need for any adventure. With this backpack, you’ll be able to pack all of the things you need without sacrificing style and comfort. Order your backpack today to explore more of the outdoors!

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