Introducing Our Summer Collection


After some long delays and a year of design, we are now releasing most of our Summer 2020 Collection. In line with our founding principles, these original designs were created to accompany your life in the city as well as the outdoors. Whether you are in your yard, a park, at the river, on a lake, a golf course, camping, hiking or on a stroll, the outdoors is everywhere, and it is for everyone.

The first polo shirt was born out of necessity for the game of Cricket. India holds the torch for imagining this original garment in the mid-19th century. The idea was to provide competitors with a jersey that could stand up to the gritty environment of the pitch, while maintaining a sharp, refined look. The British discovered this ideal piece at the end of the 19th Century and brought it back to Europe for sports like Polo. The French got involved in 1929 when a rising tennis star and businessman by the name of Jean René Lacoste created his take on the piece. Lacoste was known as the alligator for his aggressive style of play. Now, Maroon Bell Outdoor joins the fray with our take on this timeless design.   

The Theodore polo shirt uses brilliantly soft, pique cotton and is slightly fitted. We stitched opposing colors to the inside collar, lengthened the front button opening, used tortoise colored buttons, a hangar loop, added a structured collar and if you like, a front pocket. 

Usable in a Zoom meeting, on the golf course, a hike, at a socially distanced cocktail hour or just enjoying your back yard; the Theodore was made for your adventurous life.


The first nylon backpack with a zipper was released in 1969 by a company call Gerry Outdoors. Ironically enough, that was the same year Jansport opened their first store. Developed out of necessity, this company recognized how students on campuses all over the country had no real way of carrying their books. A lot of times students were wrapping their belongings with a leather strap or belting them around their waist. The first backpack was an immediate success. Over the last 50 years this design has been molded and adjusted and changed for an array of uses, including an array of outdoor activities.

The Weekender backpack is an original Maroon Bell Design and will be released in mid-August.  The goal for this design was to create a bag sleek enough for your business day while being gritty enough for your adventures. This beautifully constructed design is draped in heavy, dark blue nylon with thick leather accents and durable, brass YKK zippers. We added carefully placed pockets and straps for your laptop, phone, sunglasses, notebooks, water bottles and belongings.  The weekender is as tough as it is gorgeous and will become a timeless belonging.

From the open range to valleys, peaks and mesas of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has a storied tradition of ranching. The original ranching glove was tough with a low profile reducing the amount of surface area on the wrist. These gloves had to hold up against the elements, barbed wire fences, 2,000-pound bulls and hours of rope friction. Our second glove design was stitched together from the same 1mm, full grain, Water Buffalo hide that our original driver glove was made with.

This all cotton, strap back, summer hat will quickly become your go to. The cotton molds to your head over a period of time and is one of the most comfortable hats we have in our stock. Made from 100% cotton and adorned with our leather patch, this hat sets you up to look great and be comfortable. Whether your'e going to a baseball game (maybe in 2021?), a hike, camping or hitting the open road, the Maroon Bell Urban Hiking Hat will be your go to this summer. 

We live in a time where face coverings are a trendy, necessary new fashion accessory. We thought, instead of just designing a face mask that hopefully will lose it necessity as we move into next year, why not come out with a design that can be used for years to come. We personally use this item for exercising, working in the yard, going grocery shopping and soon as a winter cap. Its washable, smooth, soft and enormously usable. 

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