The Best Buffalo Leather Glove? (hint: its not bison)

water buffalo
Native to Southeast Asia, the Swamp or River Buffalo are highly skilled at fighting lions, clearing overgrowth and waterways. They require fewer resources than beef cows and provide highly nutritious dairy products.


Water Buffalo hides are as unique as the animals themselves. Renowned for their strength (3x stronger than now hide) these hides have a high level of dexterity, thickness, tear resistance and breathability. Water Buffalo hides are considered full grain, which refers to the processes used in manufacturing. Full grain Water Buffalo is left un-sanded and unstretched. This leaves grains tightly knit for a stronger glove.

Maroon Bell Water Buffalo Gloves

The best Buffalo leather glove is made from Water Buffalo. It has a high tear resistance, molds to your hand in a custom way. This glove has high anti-abrasion qualities, becomes soft and molds to your hand over time. For most people the gloves made from full grain Water Buffalo will last forever.  


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