Why Buy One Get One Free? Letter From Our Founder

My name is Jeremy Dougherty, and I am the founder of Maroon Bell Outdoor. I wanted to take a few minutes or a few of paragraphs rather to explain why we are giving away half of our inventory. The simplest answer is that we have decided it is more valuable in your hands, then sitting in our warehouse.

Over the last four years our primary sales and marketing strategy was to pop up at festivals and markets. We wanted to bring our brand to the streets and meet as many folks as we could. A lot of the designs we sold at these festivals are called “Branded Designs”. This means we worked with a local print shop to put our logo on a sweatshirt, t-shirt or pair of pants. It allowed us to reduce our risk, broadcast our brand, generate cash flow, meet consumers and scale our company while we were developing our own designs (called “Original Designs” on the website).

When COVID hit a year ago, the festivals abruptly ended and we were forced to immediately shift strategies from in person to online. At that time, 90% of our revenue was coming from festivals. The good news was that we had already created a number of unique, original designs like the Buffalo Leather Gloves and Campfire Flannel. Those items translated well online because of niché market segments and scarcity (we produce in small batch). The downside for us was that 70% of our line was branded for in person and not translating well into e-commerce. While these products are of the highest quality, they were just more difficult to move online because half the companies in this country were selling the same thing. The only differentiator was the logo (which is awesome).

At the end of the day, these products are high quality, soft, versatile, usable designs we want folks to have. The money we will recover from selling one will also help us raise money so we can continue building our line of unique designs like our gloves and flannels. This is a great opportunity to buy for Christmas, birthdays, summer and….maybe labor day?

Thanks again for supporting our company and keep your eyes out because soon we will launch four new colors of backpack as well as new designs of gloves. Contact me anytime with questions or comments. I will do my best to get back with you in a reasonable amount of time. 

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