5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top
5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top

5280 Water Buffalo Leather Mitten - Zipper Vent Top

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Almost two years ago we set out to create the best winter mitten available. Our inspiration came from the gloves our founder’s father had for his entire life. Made somewhere in Canada by a company no longer around, they were always known as Dad’s gloves. We used .8 MM thick Water Buffalo for its patina, strength, and unusually tightly packed and interwoven fiber structure. Then we added layer after layer of cutting-edge materials like Hipora ®, Thinsulate ® and PVC coated polyester to achieve an unmatched product.

 WARMTH (Shockingly Warm)

  • The first step in a warm glove is the science behind trapping heat. Did you know Polar Bears have hollow hair because it creates pockets of warm air? We did the same thing with our 5MM thick foam layer, Hipora ® and Thinsulate ®. Each of these areas traps more warm air.
  • So where does the warm air come from? It is generated by your own hands and fingers. Mittens are so warm because your own fingers create more head when they are next to each other.
  • Finally, we like being comfortable and so we added an absurdly soft faux fur lining. It is as if your hand was sleeping under a Polar Bear.
  • This glove also has a top pocket you can use for a warmth pack, your keys or as a vent if the gloves are just too warm. 


  • There is nothing more uncomfortable than having wet hands. Aside from being uncomfortable it can be downright dangerous; because of this we spent a lot of time focusing on keeping your hands dry.
  • First, we used water proof treated, full grain Water Buffalo hide. During our rigorous testing we held our hands under a running sink for 5 minutes with no water leakage.
  • Secondly, we added not one but two layers or protection for any potential seepage. One of the layers is 180D PCV Coated Polyester used for boat awnings and umbrellas. Then we added a layer of Hipora which is breathable and water resistant.
  • We would not advise snorkeling with these but are confident they will keep your hands dry in most situations.


  • Our goal was for this to be the last pair of mittens you ever owned. They are breathtakingly tough. There are few animals with a stronger hide than Water Buffalo and your hands will be wrapped in them.
  • Did you know that it takes 12 lions to bring down a full-grown Water Buffalo? That is tough!
  • These gloves will become soft and mold to your hands over time. They will become part of your journey. Part of your story.


  • These gloves will become part of each experience you have in the frosty bitten environments you take them into. With their strength, comfort, waterproof qualities, and usability, these gloves just work. They work with skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, walking, shoveling, playing football in the snow, or anything else you can think of. They just work.


  • We exist to create products that meet you where you are in life then become part of your story. Our goal is for these gloves to last for years and if (god forbid) they ever come apart or have a flaw, we hope you love them so much you will fix them instead of throwing them away.
  • Free Shipping Inside the USA.
  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andy Maas
Please disregard previous review

Everyone. I can’t figure out how to delete my old review but i was completely wrong. This guy is great and the gloves are awesome. I made a mistake.

Andy Maas

Terrible site and experience. Discount never applied. Now I have to chase it down. The second I get these I’m returning them because of this hassle. Just be straight up, guys. If you offer a discount, honor it

Andy - It is a Sunday night and I am a one person company. You ordered these at 4:59pm today and by 8:21 (202 minutes later) I responded to every single piece of your correspondece as well as refunding you for the 25%. Because of backend restrictions we simply cannot make every discount automatic. We are a very small company and that is expensive.

I recognize from the picture below that you are very angry. I did not start this company to upset people. I started it to bring a level of regard back to consumers, through impeccable service as well as best in class, heirloom quality products.

I personally dont think we could have handled this more quickly, however; that is not the point. The point is you disagree. So we have now refunded all of your money and will still send the mittens as a gift to you. I think you will love them and I want you to have them. I do appreciate you giving us a shot, you will not be disappointed (again). I hope you have a great week. - Jeremy (Founder/CEO)

John Mock
Not very warm

These mittens are only good to about 20 degrees. For those who live in milder climates or only are outside for a few miniutes at a time they will work.
If you live in a Northern climate and spend considerable time outdoors these won't work.

Hi John - Perhaps you got a defective pair. I am the founder and designer. I wore these all weekend in -12 degree temps (-40 wind chill) in Denver and my hands were sweaty. Additionally, we are working with a number of folks in Aspen that report the same thing. Contact me directly at Jeremy Dougherty@Maroonbell.com so we can figure out the issue. Thanks for your business.

Like warm butter on your hands!!!

I just got them yesterday. I have never liked mittens! But the last 10 years my frost bit hands are always cold in the winter.
And I have to say these are cut and built the write way. No claustrophobic hands. Room for my fingers to move. The leather and the lining is so soft the whole glove moves very easily. Very warm, and comfortable. The quality is instantly recognizable. Like everything else from Maroon Bell. I can’t wait to see them with some patina on them!

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