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If you are an outdoor enthusiast living in the city, it is likely you have a refined ability to problem solve and look sharp. With little certainty of what lurks behind the next bend or how the weather will shift, a dynamic packing list is the key to a comfortable and relaxing adventure.

When you are packing for your next camping, hiking, or outdoor adventure, be sure to cover all of your bases for any situation. With the right threads on your back, you can experience the great outdoors then travel to your favorite café or brewery without having to change. Check out these fashionably dynamic, unisex pieces from Maroon Bell Outdoor specifically designed to help you achieve this goal. While most of the line is unisex, there are stylish camping outfits specific to men, women, and kids as well.

Beanie – Ribbed Knit Wool – Fleece Lined

A staple for any outdoor activity is a well-made, warm, durable beanie. Keeping yourself warm in acclimate climates can keep you comfortable at the least and alive at the worst. Our ribbed knit wool and fleece lined beanies are loved for their snug fit, soft feel, and warm qualities. If you are a city dweller loving the outdoors, this beanie is a year-round asset for every adventure.

The Weekender Backpack 

This 20 liter, 3.3 LB, 600D PVC coated polyester camping backpack stands all alone. This bag does not fade in the sun, it is water resistant, has pockets for days, fashionable and has a laptop case inside. This bag was designed to become a character in the story of your life. 

The Cocktail Crew – Mountain Vintage

The crew neck sweatshirt has been a vintage American staple for generations because of its grit, durability, fashion sense, and feel. This weathered, soft, usable crew neck by Maroon Bell Outdoor looks great over an oxford or all by itself. Imagine this summer sipping a cocktail or cracking a river chilled craft brew while sitting next to a crackling fire with your crew. Choose your Cocktail Crew from multiple colors to fit your unique style.

Maroon Bell T-Shirt

There is nothing more essential to any wardrobe than the classic tee. Our Moisture-wicking fabric allows you to wear this garment as a base layer as well as a top layer. It has rayon and cotton which both provide an ultra-soft feel and allows the shirt to keep its shape after washing. This tee was made for you. It is usable in the city, the outdoors, and on your adventures. It keeps you cool when the mountain sun is beating down and warm when the storms roll in. This tee is great for working out or for reading on a patio and should be part of every pack.

Thermal Long Sleeve

As a mile-high native, there is no doubt that you need thermals in your Colorado clothing collection. This fitted waffle is sleek enough to wear to your favorite nightspot or keep you warm on a chilly day in the mountains. Available in in a choice of black or maroon to match your world,  layer your thermal long sleeve to insulate or get cozy in your tent for a relaxing evening.

Buffalo Leather Gloves

No camping trek is complete without a snug pair of gloves to warm your fingers. A tight fit and smartphone pad allow for better dexterity, while the buffalo leather makes for the most robust and most durable construction imaginable. The elegant brown material of the gloves is appropriate for any situation with its fashionable appeal and high-end finishes.

Pack for the Outdoors with Maroon Bell Outdoor

As you prep for your next adventure, shop these pieces and more by visiting our diverse catalog of attire and accessories. Maroon Bell Outdoor is a Denver based, fashion conscious, Colorado apparel line designed for your classically adventurous lifestyle. We are setting out to provide a fashionably usable line of clothing for folks who love the outdoors but live ― and love ― the city. We give 3% of all sales back to Denver non-profits and are building this company at a grassroots level. Reach out with any questions regarding clothes to wear during camping or to learn more about the brand.

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