The Truly Extraordinary




These hides have an exceptional, almost chaotic fiber configuration specific to the species. 

This compacted, densely knit outlay in addition to an additional grain layer leave us with a material 3x stronger than cow hide and virtually impenetrable to everyday objects.  


Maroon Bell Outdoor is a Denver based design company set out to develop cutting edge assets with legacy materials. 

We began working on the Lion Guard Motorcycle glove six years ago. Initially called the "ranching glove" we have since realized the qualities needed for the open range are even better for the open road. 

We design in small batch so that each iteration can be better than the one before. The current leather motorcycle glove is our 15th update and just about perfect. We will never say it's perfect because as long as we are around, we will make it better. 
Maroon Bell Outdoor Black Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Reinforced Palm for added life and protection

Longevity, Protection, Usability

By reinforcing the palm with even more Water Buffalo, we have increased strength in the most important areas. 
Customized to your hands

Over time these gloves will stretch where they need to and become personalized to your hands, your life, your journey. 
Tear Resistant

We do not stretch or sand these hides which allows the dense, intricately strong weave of the fibers to maintain their strength. 
Smart Finger


You probably can't type an essay with this finger, but you can answer texts, change the radio or answer a call. 
Comfort and Feel

Comfort and Feel

This is an enormously soft, comfortable glove. Over time it will get softer and become part of your everyday life. 


A healthy, full grown Water Buffalo has one predator on land, the lion. Not one lion but a pride of lions. having said that, a Water Buffalo is not the lion's first choice of prey because of how difficult and dangerous it is. 
A lion has a bite equal to about 650 Pounds per square inch which is enough to crush bones or cut into Water Buffalo Hide. As a go by, humans bite is about 160-200 and a dog is 200-450. 

When we researched how difficult it was to cut Water Buffalo leather the common answer was that it's possible but very difficult. 


I've been through a ton of ranch gloves. 50 horses means 50 times the work. These are the first gloves that broke in within an hour, taken countless abuse and have gotten more comfortable with every task I can think to throw at them.
These gloves are fantastic! They’re more breathable than most work gloves which makes them a godsend for hotter climates. I can literally wear them all day without my hands getting pruny. I LOVE them. They’re buttery soft. I wore them while shoeing horses today and they held up!
These gloves are awesome! I’ve researched and searched for quite some time, looking for “the one” end-all-be all glove and I must say, yours IS THE one that reminds me of that country rancher feel, rugged tough buttery value, that’s true to conform, and functional. I must say, it does constantly bring a nostalgia of how Brad Pitts character ‘Tristen’ in Legends of the Fall wore his oh-so-cool gloves in the filming back-drop of Alberta, Canada Ghost River Wilderness.
Might I add, please do expand the Buffalo leather lines! Because of your gloves, the aroma of this leather makes me want more Buffalo full grain lines. These gloves would also pair great with some fingerless-mittens as an insulating add-on (fleece or wool or whatever) that could help adapt for any extreme winters. I don't prefer sewn in as it tends to thicken the gloves which I found with others, but a simple add-on that is removable would be great!

I am never looking back at cowhide(too hard), deerskin or sheepskin (to soft and thin). These are so awesome from my first purchase that I just had to buy another, and awaiting delivery. It’s such a good ‘feel’ I’m almost reluctant to use for gruff work to dirty them up. As catchphrase states "fits like a glove"!

These are the best work gloves I've ever owned, no longer do I have to compromise between dexterity and durability. I have worn, and worn out, every work glove on the market from Wells Lamont to Hestra Work, in everything from stiff double-palmed cowhide to soft deerskin...these have outlasted all of them. Because of the softness/dexterity I keep looking for a hole or tear after I have put them through a day of work but I have yet to see any failures. Most gloves last me a couple of months, these have been used regularly for five months, and based on what I see I won't be surprised if they make it past a year.
Wow! I just ordered these gloves on Monday and they were delivered to me today on a Thursday! I expected it to be at least a week with free shipping. I got these gloves included with a backpack purchase. This is my second time ordering these gloves and my first pair that I bought two years ago is still going strong. I really just got these gloves to admire the quality of them and to have a “just-in-case” pair laying around. Great quality. I enjoy the tight fit because believe me guys- they really do mold to the shape of your hand and really do “fit like a glove”!
"They mold to your hands"